HASANZ is the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand.  Launching in 2014, HASANZ is an umbrella organisation representing workplace health and safety professions with the aim of raising professional standards across the health and safety sector.  The Pike River Mine disaster Taskforce identified a limited availability of expert advice from health and safety professionals in New Zealand and the lack of standard competence or qualification levels was seen as a key contributor to the lack of quality advice.


Why did it start?

The HASANZ Register has been developed as a result of the need to ensure businesses are able to find reliable, competent health and safety advice and services.  All individuals who are listed on the register have undergone a robust process of review of their training, experience and qualifications and have met the competency standards required to perform the recorded activities.


Why is this important for my business?


Whether you’re looking for a quality, competent health and safety professional to join your team, or if you wish to engage an external consultant, check out the HASANZ Register.  You can be assured that their credentials have been thoroughly vetted to meet very robust competency standards.