If you are in the Construction Sector, or working with Government, you will know about the Construction Sector Accord.  It sets out the commitment, challenges and priority work areas agreed between the Government and the construction industry in NZ.  Covering far more than health and safety, this is a vast programme that will improve not only the construction sector, but will likely have a flow on affect for all industries into the future. 

 Have a look at the website – it’s a good read.


Accord summary

Our vision

A high performing construction sector for a better New Zealand.

Shared goals

  • Increase productivity
  • Raise capability
  • Improve resilience
  • Restore confidence, pride and reputation

Outcomes for New Zealanders

Safe healthy and durable homes, buildings and infrastructure that support the wellbeing of our communities

Workforce – safe, secure, rewarding careers

Industry customers – functioning competitive market

Industry – sustainable, resilient, successful businesses

Government – a construction sector that supports the wellbeing of all New Zealanders

Guiding principles

  1. Build trusting relationships
  2. Be bold
  3. Value our people
  4. Act with collective responsibility

Priority work areas


  • Enhanced industry leadership, collaboration and organisation
  • Better business performance
  • Improved culture and reputation


  • Grow workforce capability and capacity
  • Better risk management and fairer risk allocation
  • Improved health and safety at work
  • More houses and better durability


  • Better procurement practices and improved pipeline management
  • Improved building regulatory systems and consenting processes

Our pledge

We agree to:

  • Hold ourselves and each other accountable to this Accord and challenge contrary behaviour
  • Work together to develop a plan for change that has collective intent
  • Work differently to build a stronger partnership between government and industry
  • Promote the Accord and encourage others to commit to it
  • Engage regularly to discuss and report on progress