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The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requires a ‘Person Undertaking a Business or Undertaking’ (PCBU) to take ‘all reasonably practicable steps’ to ensure the safety of workers.  Workers include contractors and subcontractors.  A PCBU also has an obligation to ensure the safety of workers and others on or in the vicinity of their workplace.  

When you engage a contractor, you acquire a ‘primary duty of care’ to ensure their safety to the extent to which you have influence or control.  You are also required to, as a minimum:

  • Undertake appropriate ‘due diligence’ to ensure the contractor you engage has the capability and competence to undertake the work safely.
  • Inform contractors of the hazards and risks present in your workplace.
  • Monitor the contractor while they are undertaking work for you.

Engaging contractors can raise the risk exposure of your business ten-fold and trigger additional obligations.  Ensuring you are meeting these obligations as a PCBU with overlapping duties is essential – a systematic approach is required.

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Management System

We can design a system that will provide a straightforward process that meets expectations and reduces your exposure. We will ensure your team have the tools and knowledge required to engage and onboard your contractors appropriately and monitor their performance.



Understanding the health and safety capability and practices of your contractors can help you make good decisions both in engagement and monitoring performance. It’s important you know what you are working with and what exposure they present to your business – prequalifying your contractors is vital.

We can personally manage the health and safety prequalification process and provide you with a detailed report on your contractors’ health and safety capability.


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