Health and Safety Management Services

Strategic System Management

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requires a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) to take ‘all reasonably practicable steps’ to ensure the safety or workers.

It is widely accepted that adopting a great strategy and sound safety practices will reduce injury and illness, improve performance, help you retain and recruit good staff and reduce the risk to your business.  It simply makes sense to get it right!

A good health and safety management system will enable you to manage your risks in a structured and systematic manner, ensuring the safety of your workers and the protection of your business.

We believe there are cornerstone requirements for effective management of the health and safety:

  • Visible safety leadership
  • Proactive due diligence
  • Strong fundamental risk management principles/practices
  • Positive engagement at all levels of business

It doesn’t have to be complicated – we can help you to develop, implement, audit, train and manage your health and safety requirements.  The first step in the journey?  Give us a call.


System Development

We believe it’s essential to ‘keep it simple’.  We also believe health and safety management systems can (and should) be designed to suit the needs of the individual, specifically tailored to the size, complexity and risk profile of your business.

Managing health and safety should be integrated into workflows, making working safely simply part of what we do – a good system will enable you to achieve this.

We will develop a health and safety management system that is designed specifically for your business, that is fit for purpose, and right for YOU.


System Implementation

There is little point in having a great system if it isn’t implemented effectively.  It’s key to get this right – and it can be the hardest part of the journey!!

It’s crucial that everyone is on board.  We are passionate about ensuring we engage positively with workers in a consultative and collaborative manner.  Remember, your team are the experts at what they do!  We understand and respect that.  A health and safety management system is there to support the safe completion of their work.

We can help you develop an Implementation Plan that will avoid some of the pitfalls of introducing new safety measures, and we will partner with you to ensure your new system is understood and effective.