In the spotlight


Janette Walker
Director and Principal Consultant
Health and Safety by Design

Listing on the HASANZ Register has resulted in four business hits in the last two months for Janette Walker. “They’ve all been good enquiries involving new clients with interesting projects,” she says. “For instance, I’ve been asked to put a critical risk management plan in place for one organisation and another is a Foundation involved in community projects where there are a lot of moving parts and risk management needs to be carefully considered.”

As well as generating new business Janette believes being listed on the HASANZ Register has other benefits. “It gives authenticity to my qualifications. On my LinkedIn profile it’s the first thing you see, right at the top and I’m proud of it. It helps me demonstrate the commitment I have to my profession.. Being HASANZ Registered is also becoming recognised. People are starting to expect it.”

Janette also finds the HASANZ Register is a really good tool to use when she is approached to do a job that isn’t a good fit, the location may not suit the client, or maybe there is a conflict of interest with an existing client. “I can direct them to the HASANZ Register to find the resource they need – you’re sending people to a source you have confidence in.”

Growing strong

The HASANZ Register is steadily growing since its launch in late July 2018. Currently, more than 130 HASANZ Registered Professionals are listed on the Register and there are 65 more applications in the pipeline. Nearly 2000 people are visiting the HASANZ Register each month to find a qualified workplace health and safety adviser. It’s growing strong!